Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Enemies

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Enemies


Fiendishly accurate archer.300140Heart Refresh, Vorpal BladeAnti-Chapel

Armor Lord
Heavily armored undead warrior.84100Rapier, SaberColosseum, Outer Wall

Axe Knight
Low level axe knight.3210Axe, Bronze CuirassAlchemy Laboratory, Marble Gallery

Axe Knight
Well armored axe knight.4250Axe, Axe Lord ShieldCastle Keep, Colosseum, Outer Wall

Executioner of Hell.330700Covenant Stone, MournebladeReverse Colosseum

Balloon Pod
Holds countless poison seeds.388NoneAnti-Chapel, Reverse Caverns

Vampire bats. Feared as servants of evil.11Potion, Monster Vial 2Cave, Entrance, Floating Catacombs, Royal Chapel, Underground Caverns

Mutated insect. Visible only to magicians.4120Luck Potion, Mystic PendantNecromancy Laboratory

Black Crow
Flesh-eating raven.1550Aquamarine, Red Bean BunRoyal Chapel

Black Panther
Liquid Creature. Takes black panther shape.35600Meal Ticket, MasamuneAnti-Chapel

Eldest Giant brother. Wields two huge daggers.380100Hunter Sword, Gold PlateBlack Marble Gallery, Entrance, Olrox's Quarters

Blade Master
Master of twin-bladed combat.6580Shotel, Cross ShurikenColosseum

Blade Soldier
Novice of twin-bladed combat.1620$400, NakamuraColosseum

Blood Skeleton
Revives due to blood soaked bones.9NoneNoneAlchemy Laboratory, Catacombs, Floating Catacombs

Bloody Zombie
Eastern Church soldiers dispatched 300 years ago.2415Cloth Tunic, BasilardAlchemy Laboratory, Entrance, Olrox's Quarters

Blue Raven
Spirit of long-dead blue raven.1550Zircon, Pork BunRoyal Chapel

Blue Venus Weed
Advanced Venus Weed. Fed with demon blood.1001000Zweihander, Heart RefreshReverse Caverns, Reverse Entrance

Bomb Knight
Bomb-tossing armored knight.46140TNT, DynamiteReverse Clock Tower

Bone Archer
Skeleton archer equipped with bow.1050$400, Magic MissileOuter Wall, Underground Caverns

Bone Ark
Portable skull shrine carried by skeleton priests.25040Monster Vial 3, Skull ShieldCatacombs

Bone Halberd
Naginata-wielding skeleton.3040Javelin, Ham and EggsRoyal Chapel

Bone Musket
Skeletons equipped with rifles.2420Magic Missile, TalismanColosseum, Outer Wall

Bone Pillar
Cannon built of white dragon skulls.6430Antivenom, Ballroom MaskRoyal Chapel

Bone Scimitar
Ferocious skeleton swordsman.1815Short Sword, Red RustAlchemy Laboratory, Colosseum, Entrance

Cave Troll
Pre-intelligent bloodsucker with long tongue for sucking.88333Neutron Bomb, NauglamirReverse Caverns

Cloaked Knight
Mysterious cloaked swordsman.6580Flamberge, Heaven SwordClock Tower, Reverse Clock Tower

Corner Guard
Armored guard. Strong in perilous areas.4830Cutlass, Damascus SwordRoyal Chapel

Plant with razor-sharp leaves.19100Antivenom, PotionAbandoned Mine, Black Marble Gallery, Cave, Long Library

Fire and ice demon. Seems reluctant to fight.200100Pentagram, Bat PentagramDeath Wing's Lair, Marble Gallery, Necromancy Laboratory

Dark Octopus
Evil mutated octopus.280120Sushi, Green TeaReverse Caverns

Headless skeleton. Wields a rapier.3250Hide Cuirass, RapierLong Library

Nauseating two-headed beast. Which is the head?8050Pentagram, TartMarble Gallery

Discus Lord
Discus-wielding armored knight.450140Chakram, Jewel SwordCatacombs

Dodo Bird
Rare bird. Runs when sees people.2111Heart Broach, RuneswordReverse Entrance

Dragon Rider
White dragon ridden by Flea Man.120150NoneReverse Entrance

Physical manifestations of bodiless tormented souls.1870Uncurse, Manna PrismLong Library

Fire Demon
Flame demon.320666Fire Shield, MarsilNecromancy Laboratory

Fire Warg
Fireball-spitting wolf.200160Turquoise, Karma CoinReverse Caverns

Fish head guardian.7050Resist Ice, IcebrandUnderground Caverns

Flail Guard
Skeleton equipped with spiked iron flail.3650Morningstar, Pot RoastClock Tower

Flea Armor
Flea Man armed with axe and shield.1840High Potion, Iron CuirassClock Tower, Long Library

Flea Man
Strange human-like creature.1117Takemitsu, CheeseMarble Gallery

Flea Rider
Flea Man riding on specially trained war-goose.1750Turkey, Ham and EggsCastle Keep

Flying Zombie
Zombies which attack even when cut in half.19050Shuriken, FrankfurterDeath Wing's Lair

Cave-dwelling frog.220Knuckle Duster, PizzaUnderground Caverns

Frozen Half
New-half ice spirit. Servant of Galamoth.118600Necklace of J, Opal CircletFloating Catacombs

Frozen Shade
Ice-wielding female spirit.1640Ice Mail, Ice CreamUnderground Caverns

Fire-breathing flying demon.200200NoneAlchemy Laboratory, Cave, Entrance

Low level flaming ghosts.1110$400, AntivenomMarble Gallery

Ghost Dancer
Skeleton with leaping attack.30160Buffalo Star, Stone MaskDeath Wing's Lair

Armor plated war-beast.240555Hammer, Stone SwordBlack Marble Gallery

Grave Keeper
Grave keeper. Master of unarmed combat.12360Miso Soup, NatouCatacombs, Colosseum

Pyromaniacal gremlin.10060Resist Fire, Fire MailAbandoned Mine, Catacombs, Necromancy Laboratory

High level Armor Lord.5001500Great Sword, God's GarbBlack Marble Gallery

Giant brother. Wields a gurkha knife.420120Combat Knife, Gold PlateBlack Marble Gallery, Entrance

Giant brother. Uses huge steel hammer.250110Hammer, Gold PlateOlrox's Quarters

Creature with head of woman and body of bird.2670Apple, Life AppleClock Tower

Hellfire Beast
Thunder-wielding demon. Called "Musician from Hell".380150Lightning Mail, Fire MailCatacombs

Hunting Girl
Invisible huntress spirit.8870Were Bane, CheesecakeColosseum, Royal Chapel

Mischievous little demon.4366Luck Potion, King's StoneAnti-Chapel, Necromancy Laboratory, Reverse Caverns

Jack O'Bones
Expert at throwing weapons.20150Shuriken, Flame StarBlack Marble Gallery, Reverse Caverns, Reverse Entrance, Reverse Outer Wall

Demon Lord of Ravens.5001000Resist Dark, Ring of FeanorClock Tower, Death Wing's Lair

Killer Fish
Master Fish-head.120100Aquamarine, SushiReverse Caverns, Underground Caverns

Large Slime
Monster created from slimy gel substance.64100NoneCatacombs

Lesser Demon
Short magic-wielding demon. Summons demonic allies.400100Obsidian Sword, Holbein DaggerLong Library, Necromancy Laboratory

The cowardly lion.1501000Gauntlet, Fist of TulkasForbidden Library

Searches among graves and knows much wise lore.9950Sirloin, FirebrandCatacombs

Magic Tome
Book of ancient weapons.2235$2000, SaberLong Library

Gruesome Demon from Hell.450666Dark Shield, Dark ArmorDeath Wing's Lair

Demonic puppet from Hell.2030Smart Potion, CircletMarble Gallery

Medusa Head
From Medusa's hair.1220Resist Stone, Medusa ShieldBlack Marble Gallery, Clock Tower, Death Wing's Lair, Outer Wall

Medusa Head
From Medusa's hair. Can petrify.1230Resist Stone, Medusa ShieldBlack Marble Gallery, Clock Tower, Death Wing's Lair, Outer Wall, Reverse Clock Tower

Legendary "creature". Attacks all invaders.1012Zircon, Monster Vial 1Entrance

Fireball-spitting Merman. Largest of merman kind.1012Zircon, Monster Vial 1Entrance

Half-man, half-bull.320400Sirloin, Fury PlateReverse Colosseum

Animated mud golem.1550NoneLong Library

Nova Skeleton
Wields fearsome beam weapon.20444Monster Vial 3, Terminus EstBlack Marble Gallery, Reverse Caverns, Reverse Entrance, Reverse Outer Wall

Ouija Table
Possessed Ouija table.2020Barley Tea, Morning SetMarble Gallery

Wyrm controlled by Flea Man.200150Karma Coin, Lapus LazuliReverse Entrance

Local barnyard owl. Mutated by castle's influence.2630NoneColosseum, Entrance

Owl Knight
Heavily armored knight. Attacks with trained owl.18050Cutlass, MedalColosseum, Entrance

Giant skeleton.10050Gauntlet, Ring of VardaColosseum, Reverse Outer Wall

Phantom Skull
Executed soldier's head. Hunting for vengeance.1530Felt Hat, Resist DarkClock Tower

Plate Lord
Heavily armored knight with iron ball.9090Iron Ball, Neutron BombColosseum, Marble Gallery

Rock Knight
Rock-tossing armored knight.160250Jewel Knuckles, Platinum MailReverse Caverns

Salem Witch
Ghost witches from Salem.18080Gold Circlet, ShortcakeAbandoned Mine, Necromancy Laboratory

Young female witch.210450Wizard Hat, Manna PrismFloating Catacombs

Impaled man looking for brain.1201000Javelin, MuramasaForbidden Library

Monster nicknamed "schmoo".501000Ramen, CrissaegrimForbidden Library

Scylla Wyrm
Snake living off Scylla.130100NoneUnderground Caverns

Boomerang wielding skeleton.1815Boomerang, Fire BoomerangMarble Gallery, Olrox's Quarters, Royal Chapel

Magically animated skeleton.910Shield Potion, Monster Vial 3Alchemy Laboratory, Floating Catacombs, Marble Gallery, Outer Wall

Skeleton Ape
Animated ape skeleton. Hurls wooden barrels.1020Banana, TNTOuter Wall, Underground Caverns

Skull Lord
Giant skull spirit.8050Scimitar, Skull ShieldClock Tower, Reverse Keep

Monster made from gel.3250NoneCatacombs

Bone-hurling skeleton.1210Leather Shield, Knight ShieldMarble Gallery

Demon with enchanted spear.200200NoneAlchemy Laboratory, Cave, Entrance

Sniper of Goth
Angel Archer. Slew Amalaric of the Goths.50200Magic Missile, Brilliant MailAnti-Chapel

Spear Guard
Armored warrior with naginata.2070Javelin, Iron CuirassOuter Wall, Underground Caverns

Spectral Sword (Lv 13)
Evil demon-sword. Causes poltergeist phenomena.9080Broadsword, Bastard SwordOlrox's Quarters

Spectral Sword (Lv 15)
Evil demon-sword. Causes poltergeist phenomena.100100Broadsword, Bastard SwordRoyal Chapel

Spectral Sword (Lv 36)
Evil demon-sword. Causes poltergeist phenomena.540440Gurthang, Mablung SwordAnti-Chapel

Book of beginner's spells.2630$1000, PentagramLong Library

Spittle Bone
4-legged skeleton. Drips poison.1820NoneAlchemy Laboratory

Stone Rose
Mutated plant. Seeds petrify.6060Leather Shield, Meal TicketMarble Gallery

Stone Skull
Indestructible spinning skull.???NoneNoneBlack Marble Gallery, Reverse Colosseum, Reverse Outer Wall

Sword Lord
Knight armed with Greatsword.6180Cutlass, BekatowaClock Tower, Outer Wall

Plant with razor-sharp leaves.1220Grapes, StrawberryAbandoned Mine, Black Marble Gallery, Catacombs, Long Library

Tin Man
Heartless tin man.481000Lunch A, Mojo MailForbidden Library

Toad magically enlarged by demonic baptism.1020Blue Knuckles, PizzaUnderground Caverns

Gravestones possessed by evil spirits of dead.588Katana, Green TeaReverse Keep

Valhalla Knight
Bloodthirsty undead knight who eternally seeks combat.161100Estoc, ClaymoreColosseum, Olrox's Quarters, Reverse Clock Tower

Vandal Sword
Sword Lord wields sword even when banished.120100Holy Sword, MuramasaClock Tower

Venus Weed
Watered with human blood.100150Coral Circlet, Heart RefreshAbandoned Mine

Wolves which guard castle entrance.3210NoneEntrance

Warg Rider
Skeleton mounted on Warg.120160NoneReverse Entrance

Were panther skeleton.3350Str. Potion, GarnetCatacombs

Half-man, half-wolf.280200Iron Fist, YasutsunaReverse Colosseum

White Dragon
Animated skeleton of huge dragon.260150NoneReverse Colosseum

Winged Guard
Slow-flying skeleton warrior.1530Iron Shield, JavelinRoyal Chapel

Skeleton eternally chasing his own skull.10300Monster Vial 3, Skull ShieldReverse Keep

Fresh corpses. Magically animated.15$100, Cloth TunicEntrance
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