Castlevania: Bloodlines Cheat Codes

Start with 7 lives: ARFA-ANAR (Leave number of players set to 3)

Start with 8 lives: ARFA-ARAR (Leave number of players set to 3)

Start with 9 lives: ARFA-ATAR (Leave number of players set to 3)

Start with 10 lives: ARFA-AWAR (Leave number of players set to 3)

Start with 11 lives: ARFA-BAAR (Leave number of players set to 3)

Start with 26 lives: ARFA-ALJR (Leave number of players set to 3)

Start with 51 lives: ARFA-BATR (Leave number of players set to 3)

Start with 76 lives: ARFA-BL2R (Leave number of players set to 3)

Start with 100 lives: ARFA-BXAR (Leave number of players set to 3)

Unlimited lives: AA0A-DA42

Protection from most hazards: REST-C6XR

Start with 1 continue: AE6T-ACCW

Start with 3 continues: AN6T-AGCW

Start with 5 continues: AY6T-ALCW

Start with 7 continues: A66T-ARCW

Start with 9 continues: BE6T-AWCW

Unlimited continues: AXJA-AA5N

Always restart on the last level: A26T-AA22

Start on level 1-2: 9T6T-BGJ2 AE6T-AAA4

Start on level 1-3: 9T6T-BGJ2 AJ6T-AAA4

Start on level 1-4: 9T6T-BGJ2 AN6T-AAA4

Start on level 1-5: 9T6T-BGJ2 A66T-AAA4

Start on level 1-6: 9T6T-BGJ2 BA6T-AAA4

Start on level 1-6 Part 2: 9T6T-BGJ2 GN6T-AAA4

Start on level 1-7: 9T6T-BGJ2 BE6T-AAA4

Start on level 1-8: 9T6T-BGJ2 BJ6T-AAA4

Start on level 1-9: 9T6T-BGJ2 BN6T-AAA4

Start on level 1-10: 9T6T-BGJ2 BT6T-AAA4

Start on level 1-11: 9T6T-BGJ2 BY6T-AAA4

Start on level 2-1: 9T6T-BGJ2 CE6T-AAA4

Start on level 2-2: 9T6T-BGJ2 CJ6T-AAA4

Start on level 2-3: 9T6T-BGJ2 CN6T-AAA4

Start on level 2-4: 9T6T-BGJ2 CY6T-AAA4

Start on level 2-5: 9T6T-BGJ2 C66T-AAA4

Start on level 2-6: 9T6T-BGJ2 DE6T-AAA4

Start on level 2-7: 9T6T-BGJ2 DA6T-AAA4

Start on level 3-1: 9T6T-BGJ2 DJ6T-AAA4

Start on level 3-2: 9T6T-BGJ2 DN6T-AAA4

Start on level 3-3: 9T6T-BGJ2 D66T-AAA4

Start on level 3-4: 9T6T-BGJ2 GE6T-AAA4

Start on level 3-4 (Alt Route): 9T6T-BGJ2 JA6T-AAA4

Start on level 3-5: 9T6T-BGJ2 DT6T-AAA4

Start on level 3-6: 9T6T-BGJ2 GJ6T-AAA4

Start on level 3-7: 9T6T-BGJ2 D26T-AAA4

Start on level 3-8: 9T6T-BGJ2 ET6T-AAA4

Start on level 3-9: 9T6T-BGJ2 DY6T-AAA4

Start on level 4-1: 9T6T-BGJ2 EA6T-AAA4

Start on level 4-2: 9T6T-BGJ2 EE6T-AAA4

Start on level 4-3: 9T6T-BGJ2 EJ6T-AAA4

Start on level 4-4: 9T6T-BGJ2 EN6T-AAA4

Start on level 4-5: 9T6T-BGJ2 FE6T-AAA4

Start on level 4-6: 9T6T-BGJ2 FJ6T-AAA4

Start on level 4-7: 9T6T-BGJ2 KA6T-AAA4

Start on level 4-8: 9T6T-BGJ2 GY6T-AAA4

Start on level 4-9: 9T6T-BGJ2 FT6T-AAA4

Start on level 4-10: 9T6T-BGJ2 FY6T-AAA4

Start on level 4-11: 9T6T-BGJ2 F26T-AAA4

Start on level 5-1: 9T6T-BGJ2 G26T-AAA4

Start on level 5-2: 9T6T-BGJ2 G66T-AAA4

Start on level 5-2 (Alt Route): 9T6T-BGJ2 J26T-AAA4

Start on level 5-3: 9T6T-BGJ2 HA6T-AAA4

Start on level 5-4: 9T6T-BGJ2 HE6T-AAA4

Start on level 5-5: 9T6T-BGJ2 HT6T-AAA4

Start on level 5-6: 9T6T-BGJ2 J66T-AAA4

Start on level 5-7: 9T6T-BGJ2 H26T-AAA4

Start on level 5-8: 9T6T-BGJ2 H66T-AAA4

Start on level 6-1: 9T6T-BGJ2 JJ6T-AAA4

Start on level 6-2: 9T6T-BGJ2 JN6T-AAA4

Start on level 6-3: 9T6T-BGJ2 JY6T-AAA4

Start on level 6-4: 9T6T-BGJ2 JT6T-AAA4

Start on level 6-5: 9T6T-BGJ2 E66T-AAA4

Start on level 6-6: 9T6T-BGJ2 C26T-AAA4

Start on level 6-7: 9T6T-BGJ2 FA6T-AAA4

Start on level 6-8: 9T6T-BGJ2 EY6T-AAA4

Start on level 6-9: 9T6T-BGJ2 KY6T-AAA4

Start on level 6-10: 9T6T-BGJ2 K26T-AAA4

Start on level 6-11: 9T6T-BGJ2 GA6T-AAA4

Start each life with 75% health: HWET-AABT

Start each life with 50% health: FCET-AABT

Start each life with 25% health: CWET-AABT

Meat power-up always fully heals: 0B8A-D960

Meat power-up heals 75% of total health: 2V8A-D960

Meat power-up heals 25% of total health: 7V8A-D960

Red gems are worth 0: AB5T-CAE2

Red gems are worth 2: AK5T-CAE2

Red gems are worth 3: AP5T-CAE2

Red gems are worth 4: AV5T-CAE2

Red gems are worth 5: AZ5T-CAE2

Red gems are worth 10: CB5T-CAE2

Red gems are worth 20: EB5T-CAE2

Red gems are worth 30: GB5T-CAE2

Blue gems worth 0: AB6A-CAGJ

Blue gems worth 8: BB6A-CAGJ

Blue gems worth 10: CB6A-CAGJ

Blue gems worth 20: EB6A-CAGJ

Blue gems worth 30: GB6A-CAGJ

Blue gems worth 40: JB6A-CAGJ

Blue gems worth 50: LB6A-CAGJ

Weapon power-ups worth 200% as much: JB7A-DJXA

Weapon power-ups instantly to maximum level: JB7A-DNXA

Do not lose super weapon when damaged: ANXT-CAHY

Do not lose super items when damaged: AJYA-CA32

Keep current item after dying: AWEA-AA98

Keep current weapon level after dying: AWET-AA2E

Keep current number of gems after dying: AWET-AA5E

Begin each life with 8 gems: BCET-BN30

Begin each life with 16 gems: C4ET-BN30

Begin each life with 25 gems: E0ET-BN30

Begin each life with 50 gems: LCET-BN30

Begin each life with 75 gems: R0ET-BN30

Begin each life with 99 gems: XGET-BN30

Using holy water does not cost any gems: AC6A-CAAW

Using holy water costs 2 gems: CAAW

Using axe does not cost any gems: AG6A-CAAY (Do not use with boomerang codes)

Using axe costs 2 gems: AG6A-CEAY (Do not use with boomerang codes)

Using boomerang does not cost any gems: AC6A-CCAY (Do not use with axe codes)

Using boomerang costs 2 gems: AL6A-CCAY (Do not use with axe codes)

Using stronger (Up + C) holy water doesn’t cost any gems: AW6A-CAA0

Using stronger axe does not cost any gems: AC6A-CJA0

Using stronger boomerang does not cost any gems: BC6A-CAA2

Using seeker orb costs 4 gems instead of 8: AW6A-CJA2

Using seeker orb does not cost any gems: AC6A-CJA2

Using super holy water costs 4 gems instead of 8: AC6A-CJA4 (Do not use with boomerang or axe codes)

Using super holy water does not cost any gems: AC6A-CAA4 (Do not use with boomerang or axe codes)

No items use up any gems when used: RG5T-C6Z0
Updated: July 2, 2022 — 7:24 pm