Castlevania: Bloodlines Text Instruction Manual

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Congratulations, vampire slayer!

You’ve discovered that you can’t escape your destiny and must join the latest generation of Belmont vampire hunters. Study these fateful writings before venturing into the unknown.

Table of contents

7…Rules of the hunt
11…Options screen
12…Controlling your actions
14…Your view of the game
16…Know thine enemy
17…Konami Insider newsletter offer

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Journey back to 1897 and the Transylvanian countryside of Romania. It was a time of fear and dread for the simple people of this European country. They lived under the dark rule of Count Dracula for many years. He was a ruthless warrior when he was alive, but he was even more terrifying in death! For you see, Dracula is king of the vampires!

But even one as powerful as Dracula has enemies. From the early 16th century the Belmont’s–including Trevor, Christopher, and the legendary Simon–had been fighting Dracula and his minions throughout Europe. Finally, in 1897 Quincy Morris, a descendent of the House of Belmont, overcame great odds to defeat Dracula and send him to his eternal grave. Unfortunately since Quincy was so badly beaten in his battle with the Count, he lost his own life moments after plunging a wooden stake into Dracula’s chest.

Quincy’s legacy has continued, however. His son–John Morris–and John’s childhood friend Eric Lecarde had witnessed the Quincy/Dracula showdown from the shadows. That scene changed their lives forever–as they grew older they swore to rid the planet of the evil creatures of the underworld.

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Twenty years later…

Elizabeth Bartley. The name conjures up images of a regal countess who, in the year 1421, was found kneeling over the body of a dead young man. He had two puncture wounds in his neck. She was tried as a vampire and found guilty. Her sentence was…to gruesome to mention in these pages. What is important is that she was indeed guilty. And not only was she a vampire, she was the niece of Count Dracula!

Now, in the ruins of a mysterious castle in Transylvania, an amateur witch by the name of Drolta Tzuentes dabbles in arcane magic. She casts a spell which inadvertently brings Elizabeth Bartley back to the land of the living! Now that she has returned, Bartley is bent toward one goal– reviving her dead uncle, Count Dracula!

In a twist of fate, Morris and Lecarde have been drawn towards the ominous castle. Their task is simple–defeat Bartley before she can complete her macabre objective. Completing their task, however, will involve many perilous encounters and life-or-death acts of bravado.

Is your heart strong enough for this challenge?

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The stage is set for battle

The fighters are ready.

John Morris has been summoned by fate to slay the Countess Bartley before her diabolic plan can be fulfilled. Like all of his forefathers, he is wise in the ways of vampire slaying and is skilled with the legendary whip.

John Morris
Born: December 12, 1895, in Texas, USA
Weapon: Vampire Killer

Eric Lecarde
Born: May 3rd, 1892 in Segovia, Spain.
Weapon: Alcarde Spear

Eric Lecarde, master lanceman, has volunteered to take his friend’s place in the hunt. (However, he hasn’t told John the real reason behind his appetite for vengeance: the Countess turned the love of his life, Gwendolyn, into a vampire.)

Choose the warrior you wish to lead into battle against the powers of Elizabeth Bartley and the denizens of the underworld.

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This will not be an easy adventure, for Countes Bartley must be pursued all across Europe. She is headed from her tomb in the old Transylvanian castle to a new castle in England where Dracula’s spirit awaits reviving. It will take you six gruesome stages to reach her. There may be different paths within each stage but whichever route you take, you’ll still meet the same horrifying stage boss.

You can choose to be either John or Eric. John’s whip is not only a weapon, but can also be used as a grapple allowing him to swing over obstacles. Eric’s lance provides him with a powerful weapon, and allows him to “pole vault” to greater heights.

Every injury you suffer reduces your life meter. When your life meter fully drains, your player is dead. When you have used up all of your lives you may select CONTINUE and return to the last check point reached. You may use the CONTINUE option up to two times per game. Be careful not to scroll yourself off the screen or sink over your head in water, both mean death. When you can’t take anymore of the terror, you may use the password function to save your progress.

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By hitting various objects with your weapon you will reveal special weapons, life restoring items, even bags of Transylvanian kreutzers (rare coins of the realm).

-Jewels are valuable because the more you have, the more you can use your special weapons. The more powerful the weapons the more jewels it uses.

You’ll also score points every time you eliminate an enemy. At the end of each stage you’ll receive bonuses for the number if jewels collected, and the number of life bar units remaining. After the bonuses are counted, your life bar will be replenished.

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The hunt begins!

Make sure your Sega Genesis System and controller are properly connected.

-Insert the game cartridge into the Sega Genesis System, then switch on the power.

-After the legal screens, the introduction will play. Once you are familiar with the story, you may press the Start button to skip the story.

-Press the Start button and the Mode Select screen will appear.

-Here you may press the Start button to begin a game. Do so and you’ll go to the Player Select screen. Use the D button to choose a warrior, then press the A button or Start button to begin your adventure.

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Using a Password

To continue a saved game, select PASSWORD on the Mode Select screen, and press the Start button.

-Use the D button to select a square on the password grid.

-Press the C button to cycle through the items at the top of the screen (blank, coat of arms, axe, or jewel).

-Press the A button to place the selected item in the chosen square. Press the B button to remove an item from a square. Repeat this until you have the correct items in the correct squares. When you’re finished press the Start button. If you entered an erroneous item you will not be able to proceed. Double check your password and make the necessary corrections.

-Note: You will receive a password only after you have defeated an end-level boss. Be sure to write it down!

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Selecting Options

On the Options screen you may change the game difficulty and listen to the game’s creepy music and sound effects.

-Game level–select EASY or NORMAL

-Players–Set number of lives from 1 to 5

-Control–Configure the control pad to your liking. All instructions in this manual refer to the default settings.

-BGM–Background music. Press left/right on the D button to change the numbers. Press the A or the C button to play a selection and B to stop it.

-SE–Sound effects. Works the same as BGM.

To return to the Mode Select screen, press the Start Button.

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Controlling the horror

General controls (default setting)
-Press to start or pause the game.

-Press to move in the desired direction and to aim your attack. Press up to walk up stairs. Press down to crouch or walk down stairs.

-Press to attack with whip or lance

-Press to jump

-Press to attack with special weapon. Pressing up on D button and C button together gives you a “special” special weapon. It uses more jewels, but it’s powerful!

Note: With the standard six-button controller, only the A, B, and C buttons are used.

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Special Controls for John Morris

John’s whip is lethal. This mystical heirloom of the Belmont clan has been used to defeat vampires for centuries. When John finds the coat-of-arms icon, it can power-up his whip to even more awesome levels.

Swing with Whip
-To use your whip to swing past obstacles, lash your whip diagonally up at any ordinary ceiling block.

Special Controls for Eric Lecarde

The Alcarde spear is a devastating lance. Its powered-up forms range from a razor-sharp axe head to a trident-blade head which opens at the pinnacle of thrust, shattering ghoulish enemies.

Mega Jump
-To jump three times higher than a regular jump, hold the D button down to build up jumping strength, then press the B Button. You will remain invincible while moving upwards and can injure an enemies by touching it. You can descend facing left or right by pressing the D button in the desired direction, but once you’ve chosen a direction it cannot be changed.

Spinning lance
-Moving the D button left/right quickly after pressing the attack button will cause Eric to spin his lance (for as long as you keep moving the D button). It serves as a shield of sorts by hitting enemies within its range.

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Your view of the hunt

[This page has a screenshot of the game, labeling the parts of the screen.]

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A guide to ghoulish items

Candles: Destroy to reveal items and special weapons.

Coat-of-arms: Power-up John’s whip and Eric’s lance. Powers up to three levels.

Bag of Kreutzers: Worth 100 to 2000 points.

Mutton Chop: Restores half of your life.

1-Up: Adds one player life.

Red Jewel: Adds one jewel to your total

Blue Jewel: Adds five jewels to your total

Spell book: Either a help or a hindrance, only the Spirits know for sure.

Anti-evil armaments

Crystal blade boomerang

Battle Axe

Sacred Water

Mirror of Truth: Touch it to destroy or inflict damage on all enemies on screen.

Some special weapons can be powered-up to mystical levels. These are only legends, but the ancients profess of their existence.

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Some terrors that await


Vampire Bat



Medusa’s head

Flaming skull

Drolta’s mecha-knight

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