Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Armor

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Armor


A water-resistant robe that is imbued with elemental power.DEF +28Wizardry LabFrozen Shade

Army Jacket
A jacket woven with a special fabric that resists cuts.DEF +24Cursed Clock Tower

Biker Jacket
A leather jacket worn by motorcyclists.DEF +13, STR +2Quetzlcoatl

Blocking Mail
A mail suit that occasionally blocks attacks.DEF +25Dead Crusader

A breastplate fashioned from iron.DEF +12Garden of Madness, Hammer's ShopBomber Armor, Valkyrie

Casual Clothes
Clothes worn regularly.DEF +3Start game with

Chain Mail
A suit made of woven chains.DEF +25Subterranean HellGreat Axe Armor

Cloth Tunic
A simple garment made of cloth.DEF +4Hammer's ShopZombie

A torso armor with a rounded profile.DEF +38Final Guard

Death's Robe
A robe once worn by Death.DEF +42, STR +4, CON +4, INT +13, LCK +4"Boss Rush" Mode

Demon's Mail
A mail suit that is imbued with demonic power.DEF +56Arc Demon

Dracula's Tunic
A tunic imbued with Dracula's dark power.DEF +44, STR +6, CON +6, INT +6, LCK +6Demon Guest House

Elfin Robe
A robe woven by elves.DEF +16, INT +8Garden of Madness

An armor tempered by a waterfall over many millenniums.DEF +46Subterranean Hell

Gym Clothes
An athletic training suit.DEF +7, CON +2Hammer's ShopSlaughterer

Chain mail made for easy movement.DEF +31Erinys

A luxurious suit with fine detailing throughout.DEF +16, STR +1, INT +1Demon Guest House

Kung Fu Suit
Looks like it can make you stronger.DEF +9, STR +1Fleaman

Leather Armor
A suit of armor crafted out of leather.DEF +8Hammer's ShopAxe Armor

Mage Robe
A robe worn by mages.DEF +10, INT +5Witch

Ninja Suit
A ninja's combat garment.DEF +17, STR +2, CON +2Garden of Madness

Olrox's Suit
A suit favored by Count Olrox.DEF +38, STR +2, CON +2, INT +2Demon Guest House

Pitch Black Suit
A suit that is the color of inky darkness.DEF +29, INT +2Succubus

Ring Mail
A mail suit with metal rings sewn on.DEF +16Demon Guest House, Hammer's ShopGreat Armor

Scale Mail
A mail suit with scale-like plates sewn on.DEF +20Cursed Clock Tower, Hammer's ShopDisc Armor

Serenity Robe
A blessed robe that calms the spirit.DEF +34, INT +10Wizardry Lab

Silk Robe
A robe made of woven silk.DEF +4, INT +2Hammer's ShopPersephone

Three 7's
Clothes that summon luck.CON +7, INT +7, LCK +7Garden of MadnessKiller Clown

War Fatigues
Sturdy clothes made for military use.DEF +15, STR +3Demon Guest House

Wyrm Robe
A fire-resistant robe made from the hide of a wyrm.DEF +22Flame Demon
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