Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Characters

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Characters


Juste Belmont
The grandson of the legendary Simon Belmont. Juste Belmont is the hero of the game, and his goal is to collect and destroy Dracula's remains in order to save his good friends, Maxim and Lydie.

Maxim Kischine
Maxim had been on a 2 year training regime, but remembers nothing of it except for the disappearance of his friend Lydie Erlanger. Little does Juste know, Dracula's spirit is deep within Maxim, and is ready to unleash his rage.

Lydie Erlanger
A childhood friend of both Maxim and Juste, Lydie has mysteriously disappeared and Juste ventures deep into Dracula's Castle to save her, before its too late.

The Prince of Darkness lives within Maxim, by spirit only. However after defeating Maxim for the second time in the game, Dracula returns and its up to Juste to defend his family's historic name.

Juste encounters Death inside of Dracula's Castle several times. First Death makes Juste aware of what castle he is in, then later on explains why there are 2 castles within. Death also kidnaps Lydie, and a one on one showdown with Juste is inevitable.

Also known as the Merchant, he can appear in up to 8 different locations in the castle. Sometimes Juste needs special items or certain amounts of experience to make the Shopkeeper appear.

Simon Belmont
After defeating the game, you can play as Simon Belmont in his original NES form on the boss rush mode. It also features his classic Vampire Killer theme.
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