Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Game Script

1. Juste and Maxim at Castle Gates
Juste: So, this is really the castle Lydie was taken to?

Maxim: My memory fails me but…this seems to be the place…don’t you believe me?

Juste: I know very well that you’re not the type to lie.

Maxim: Argh… (falls to his knees)

Juste: Are you all right?

Maxim: I- I’m fine… it’s Lydie you should be concerned about, not me…go on ahead! I’ll be right behind you. You have my word.

Juste: Okay then. I’ll see you inside.

2. Juste and Death in the Marble Corridor
Death: Halt! The color of that soul…you must be a Belmont…

Juste: That is correct. This overwhelming power…Death…?

Death: Indeed.

Juste: Which means this is, in fact, Dracula’s castle…

Death: That may be true…though the power that is here is not my lord’s.

Juste: What do you mean?!

Death: I must go now. We shall meet again, son of Belmont!

(Death fades away)

Juste: Aargh…he…got away…

3. Juste and Maxim at the Shrine Of Apostates
Juste: Maxim! Are you all right?!

Maxim: Oh…uh…Juste, is that you? I’m glad you’re all right.

Juste: What’s wrong with you? Standing around in a daze…leaves you vulnerable.

Maxim: I uh…think I have been in this castle before.

Juste: What did you say?

Maxim: I can’t clearly recall, but I think I’ve been here before…

Juste: Your memory is coming back to you?

Maxim: It seems so. I’ve been feeling strange since coming to the castle. If we continue further, perhaps I may be able to recall something.

Juste: Come on! Let’s go together, Maxim!

Maxim: No, if we’re going to find Lydie, we must separate. We’ll cover more ground.

Juste: Hmm…yes, you are right.

Maxim: Be careful, Juste!

Juste: Watch your back too, Maxim.

4. First Portal
Juste: For some reason, things look a bit different than they did before.

5. Juste and the Shopkeeper
Shopkeeper: Welcome!

Juste: ?! Why do you have a shop in a place like this?

Shopkeeper: Well, being the wandering merchant that I am, during my travels… I was suddenly swallowed by a dense fog… and ended up here.

Juste: Still, there is no need for you to set up shop in a place like this…

Shopkeeper: At first, I spent some time looking for an exit. I couldn’t find one so…without other options, I opened up for business right here…so what can I do for you?

(if Juste talks to him a second time)

Shopkeeper: Oh, did you forget something?

(third onwards)

Shopkeeper: So we meet again. Glad to see you looking well. What can I do for you?

6. Juste’s Room
Juste: Whoa, what a nice room. Maybe a bit tasteless. Perhaps some furniture…okay, I guess I’ll try putting this down right here!

7. Juste and Evil Maxim in the Skeleton Cave
Evil Maxim: Juste! There you are!

Juste: What’s happened, Maxim? Have you found Lydie?

Evil Maxim: How dare you ask ME of Lydie? You’re one of her captors, aren’t you?

Juste: Huh? What the hell are you talking about?

Evil Maxim: Oh, nothing…forget it. I know not the scope of your power, Belmont. But I will not let you have her.

Juste: What’s happened to you? You’re not your normal self!

Evil Maxim: I got new powers to surpass your strength. But first, the woman… Farewell! May you rot away within the walls of this castle! (laughs and runs away)

Juste: Wait, Maxim! Was that truly Maxim? Do my eyes and ears deceive me?

8. Juste and Maxim in the Sky Walkway
Maxim: Juste! Have you found Lydie?

Juste: You…you’re Maxim, aren’t you?

Maxim: Hey! What do you mean by that!

Juste: Uh, nothing. Forget it. So tell me, how did you fare?

Maxim: I have found nothing yet. But my memory is slowly coming back to me.

Juste: Really? So Lydie is somewhere in this castle after all?

Maxim: Yes, I’m sure of that now. And I know that I have also been here before…and there is something I think you should know…

Juste: Go ahead, you can tell me anything.

Maxim: The day you inherited the title of Vampire Hunter…I felt as if a wall had been erected between us…and for that reason, I set out on my expedition. I wanted to be better than you and relieve you of your fate.

Juste: …

Maxim: Long ago, you told me of Dracula’s remains. Do you remember that?

Juste: Yes, I remember. The story of how my grandfather, Simon, gathered Dracula’s remains and destroyed them to undo his curse.

Maxim: I thought my wishes would be granted if I too could gather and destroy them.

(If the player has not yet found any of Dracula’s relics)

Juste: What?! You found them?

Maxim: According to legend, it’s still too early for Dracula’s resurrection. It is not like anyone is cursed right now either. At first, I was doubtful that I could find the remains… but I uncovered six parts, as if guided by a higher being…

Juste: That’s impossible…

Maxim: I have little memory of what occurred after that, but the remains have vanished. I do remember clearly though that Lydie was kidnapped….

(If the player has)

Juste: That means that the remains found in this castle are genuine…

Maxim: They are identical to the ones I found. But I have little memory of what happened after I found them. I only remember Lydie being brought here.

Juste: If true, Dracula’s remains may be giving rise to this castle…

Maxim: Forgive me. This is all my fault…

Juste: I’m not the one you should be seeking forgiveness from.

Maxim: ?!

Juste: You ought to apologize to Lydie first. We must hurry and find her.

Maxim: Yes. Yes, you’re right. OK, I’ll be off then.

Juste: Maxim… I believe in you.

Maxim: Thanks, Juste…

9. Juste and Death at the Clock Tower
Juste: Aaargh! Death has returned!

Death: Mortal…you know of a man by the name of Maxim, do you not?

Juste: Yes I do! What about him?!

Death: I believe that man has discovered objects that hold my lord’s powers.

Juste: ?! You mean Dracula’s remains…

Death: My lord’s fragmented remains?! Now it makes perfect sense…

Juste: What on earth are you talking about?!

Death: You have provided me with an answer. So I shall reward you with an explanation. It’s simple. This castle is a creation of Maxim’s will.

Juste: What?! But he’s not capable of such a feat!

Death: True of the original Maxim, but possession of my lord’s remains changes everything. The castles’ two spirits now embody my lord’s powers.

Juste: The castles’ ‘two’ spirits?!

Death: Two spirits now exist within his body. His original spirit and a wicked spirit born from my lord’s remains.

Juste: What a ridiculous notion…

Death: And so, two castles were born to embody the two spirits. Of the two spirits, the wicked one wanted the castles most.

Juste: Wait a minute! What do you mean by ‘two castles’?

Death: Ignorant mortal… don’t you realize that this castle has two ‘layers’? I don’t want to have anything more to do with you. Farewell!

Juste: W-wait! Are you running away from me?

Death: This castle, as it is now, is a transient one. I must go and aid its completion.

(Death enters the portal) (Juste follows)

Juste: This is the same place I was before, but the aura has changed. Now I see. This is what Death meant when he said there were two castles.

10. Juste and Evil Maxim in Sky Walkway B
Evil Maxim: Oh, I see you are still alive…

Juste: Maxim! No, you’re not Maxim.

Evil Maxim: Ha…you’re onto me…

Juste: What the hell are you?

Evil Maxim: I am…myself…just not the ‘me’ you knew in the past. This man’s suppressed desires, coupled with his possession of Dracula’s remains, gave rise to a separate spirit…and…that other spirit is me. I’m not sure if he’s even aware of my existence.

Juste: And it was also you who kidnapped Lydie?

Maxim: Heh-heh…of course it was my doing. She belongs to me. But he went and lost his memory and doesn’t even know where she is! But he will retrieve his memories soon! When she does, she’ll be all mine!

Just: Damn you!

Evil Maxim: Sure about that? If I die, your best friend will perish with me!

Juste: Aaargh!

Evil Maxim: Your death is at hand! Die, vile dog!

(Shadow appears and player takes over)

11. Juste and Maxim back in Sky Walkway A
Maxim: Ju-Juste…

Juste: Maxim! It’s really you this time, right…?

Maxim: …so I see you’ve run into…my other self…

Juste: Yeah…

Maxim: I see…I was nearly taken over by him…Dracula’s strength was so overwhelming…

Juste: Don’t say that! You must stay strong!

Maxim: Listen to me. When he brought Lydie to this place…he hid her in a castle forged from the fabric of my mind. By losing my memory, I protected her, but I think I’ve reached my limit…she’s in the lord’s room. With this bracelet, you can gain entrance as well.

Juste: I can’t just leave you here lying like this…

Maxim: You must! We can’t let him get a hold of Lydie!

Juste: I-I got it. Once I’ve saved Lydie, I promise I’ll come back for you…

Maxim: Go now…it’s up to you…

12. Maxim and Lydie in Castle Top Floor A
Juste: Lydie!

Lydie: Juste! Is it really you, Juste?!

Juste: Are you all right? Are you injured?

Lydie: I’m fine. Maxim had me safely tucked away here.

Juste: Oh, I see…

Lydie: Didn’t he come with you?

Juste: Maxim’s waiting for us outside, I think.

Lydie: Hey, what happened to the person that brought me to this place?

Juste: You mean that you don’t know who it was that kidnapped you?!

Lydie: Until Maxim came to my rescue, I-I was blindfolded…

Juste: I see…okay, let’s try to get us out of this place…

Lydie: Yes, let’s go.

(laughter sounds and Death comes in)

Death: So this is where you’ve been hiding…he, too, is a bold man…

Lydie: Noooo!

Juste: Lydie!

(Death grabs Lydie)

Death: I shall have this maiden for myself!

Lydie: No! Juste… save me!!!

(Death and Lydie disappear)

Juste: Damn! I must hurry after them!

13. Juste and Death in Luminous Cavern A
Juste: So this is where you were! Return Lydie to me!

Death: Fear not. That maiden is now with Maxim.

Juste: But why?! Leave Lydie out of this!

Death: That lady will play an essential role in the completion of this castle.

Juste: What do you mean by that?!

Death: This castle is in a transient state and is preparing for my lord’s resurrection. However, the castle is not complete until these two castles have merged. In short, we must rid of your dear friend’s spirit.

Juste: Maxim is a man of great strength! It won’t be so easy to do as you plan!

Death: He was born of my lord, so of course he knows ways to reinforce his power. When something is dear to you, its effect on you becomes immeasurable.

Juste: ?! No…surely not…not Lydie’s blood… stay away from her!

Death: Do not interfere. Now, I will extinguish the candle of your soul!

(player defeats both Death’s forms)

Death: You’re too late… the castles will soon begin to merge together…

14. Fight with Maxim in Castle Top Floor A
Juste: Stop!

Maxim: J-Juste…it’s you…

Juste: Lydie, Are you all right?!

Lydie: …

Juste: She’s lost consciousness. But I think we’ve made it here in time! Maxim! You’ve still managed to hold onto your true self.

Maxim: Yes, by some means or another…but…I’ve reached my limit…I-I beg you…take my life.

Juste: Wha-what do you speak of? I can’t…

Maxim: I can’t hold on any longer. I can’t fight the impulse…

Juste: But I…I cannot take your life.

Evil Maxim: Then, I’ll make you kill me…defend yourself!

15. Fight with Maxim in Castle Top Floor B
Juste: Lydie!!!

Lydie: …

Juste: She still draws breath, but…damn! I am too late!

Evil Maxim: Welcome to the party, Juste. You’re late.

Juste: Maxim…

Evil Maxim: Maxim? Oh, his spirit no longer lives within me. And I owe it all to that woman. Look at all the strength she’s given me.

Juste: Dammit! No mercy for you!

Evil Maxim: Who needs mercy? Weak threats from an unworthy opponent…

(If you have collected all six relics and beat Maxim while wearing JB’s Bracelet and Maxim’s Bracelet)

Maxim: Aargh. Tha-that…that bracelet…you wore it for me…

Juste: ?! Maxim? Is that you?

Evil Maxim: Wh-why do you still live within me?! I thought you were dead!!!

Juste: Remember, Maxim!!! You’re stronger than this!!!

Maxim: You-you’re right…but compared to the training we had…this is nothing.

Evil Maxim: Why?! Why can I not free myself of you?!!!

Maxim: Because I choose not to free you. Juste! Finish me off!!

Evil Maxim: Aaargh…I sense a strong magic at work…

Juste: The-the remains…

(Dracula’s relics which Juste had collected float into the air)

Evil Maxim: As long as I have this power, I have no need for this body! Here, have it!

Maxim: Aaaah!

(Maxim falls unconscious) (Dracula Wraith materializes)

Dracula: Hmph…I’m not stable, but your blood will once again make me whole.

Juste: Take it if you can…do not underestimate the power of Belmont…

Dracula: Ok, let us begin? I will enjoy destroying you.

16: Worst Ending
Juste: Maxim… Forgive me…

Maxim: You think I will lose… I, who wield the powers of Count Dracula…

Juste: Maxim was stronger than you are… I don’t believe that you could have taken all that he was.

Maxim: But if I die, he will perish as well. And the woman, too…

Juste: …

Maxim: So this is goodbye… With that cursed strength of yours, you’d better hunt down Dracula eternally.

(Juste exits the castle before its banishment and arrives mountainside, alone)

Juste: Damn it all! Ultimately, I couldn’t save Lydie or Maxim. All that remains to remember them by is this bracelet… I couldn’t even protect those I love. I’ve failed as a Vampire Hunter. What on earth should I do with myself now…?

(credits roll)

17: Better Ending
Maxim: Thank you, Juste… For I did truly desire to be felled by your hand…

Juste: Maxim!

Maxim: I wanted to free you from your cursed fate…

Juste: That’s enough. There’s no need to speak of anything else…

Maxim: Take care of Lydie, will you…

Juste: Maxim!!!

(Juste, with Lydie in arms, exits the castle before its banishment and arrives mountainside)

Lydie: … Oh, Ooh…

Juste: It looks like you’re coming to…

Lydie: Have we… been saved?

Juste: Yes…

Lydie: Huh? Where’s Maxim?

Juste: … Maxim is… arghh…

Lydie: Juste… it’s all right. You don’t have to say anything more.

Juste: I… I…

Lydie: I have no idea about what happened between the two of you… but you mustn’t blame yourself. Blaming yourself is the same as blaming him.

Juste: Perhaps you’re right… Indeed, Maxim would have agreed with you…

Lydie: At any rate, let’s go home. We’ll figure it all out after we’ve rested.

Juste: That sounds good… Let’s go home, Lydie!

(credits roll)

18: Best Ending
Dracula: Arggh!!

Juste: I told you so. Do not underestimate the power of my bloodline!!

Dracula: So- So this is the power of Belmont…

Juste: Vile spawn of Maxim, you are not worthy of being my opponent.

Dracula: I will now fade from this world… but I find some pleasure in this… with the cursed powers of yours, destiny calls you to hunt for all eternity.

(Juste and Maxim, with Lydie in arms, exit the castle before its banishment and arrive mountainside)

Maxim:… Wh- Where am I?

Juste: Maxim, you’re come back to us…

Maxim: Am I alive…?

Juste: You used your own strength to force him out of you.

Maxim: It wasn’t my strength… It was yours and Lydie’s… ?! What about Lydie?! Did you save her?

Juste: She hasn’t come to, but her bite marks faded when Dracula was vanquished. She regained some color. It’s just a matter of time before she wakes up.

Maxim: I see… Juste… Please forgive me…

Juste: It’s all behind us now. Everyone’s been saved, so there is nothing more to say.

Maxim: … Thank you.

(Lydie awakens)

Lydie: … Uhh… Ooh…

Juste: It looks as if Lydie’s coming to…

Lydie: Huh, Juste… What am I doing here…? I think… that I… was bitten by Maxim…

Juste: Calm down…you must have just had a bad dream. Feel your neck.

Lydie: … There’s nothing there… Huh, it was just a dream.

Maxim: Hey, tell her the truth…

Juste: Shhh! Keep quiet.

Lydie: What…? Maxim! You’ve come back!

Maxim: Yes, but actually…

Juste: Yes, Maxim. I’m sure you are exhausted, so let’s talk after we get home!

Maxim: No, I want to…

Juste: Come on, Maxim. Nothing happened! Isn’t it best we leave it at that?

Maxim: No, that’s not right! You should finish what you start…

Juste: What did you just say!?

Lydie: Cut it out, you two!

Maxim: …

Juste: …

Lydie: Stop it, both of you! Don’t get started. We just got together!

Maxim: Actually, Lydie…

Lydie: I’ll hear your stories at home. Until then, let’s talk about other things.

Juste: You heard the lady.

Maxim: … All right…

Lydie: Hee hee. It’s been a while, hasn’t it, since the three of us got together.

Juste: Yes, it has…

Maxim: Yes…

(credits roll)
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