Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Accessories

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Accessories


Archer Ring
Increases the power of archery type glyphs.Tymeo Mountains

Blow Ring
Increases the power of the strike attribute.Misty Forest Road, Skeleton Cave

Chariot Ring
Ring of "The Chariot".STR +3, CON +3, INT -2, MND -2Tristis Pass

Death Ring
This means that *you* will die if you are hit.STR +44, CON +44, INT +44, MND +44Dracula's Castle

Devil Ring
Ring of "The Devil". Status increases as you receive damage.Tymeo Mountains

Diamond Ring
Increases the power of the light attribute.Jacob's Shop

Emerald Ring
Increases the power of the lightning attribute.Jacob's Shop

Emperor Ring
Ring of "The Emperor". Increases recovery effects.DEF +2Tymeo Mountains

Empress Ring
Ring of "The Empress".STR +2, CON -3, INT +2, MND -3Tymeo Mountains

Fool Ring
Ring of "The Fool".STR -3, CON -3, INT -3, MND -3, LCK +7Monastery

Fortune Ring
Ring of "Fortune". Play time increases LUCK.Mystery Manor

Gold Ring
Luck increases with the gold in your wallet!Kalidus Channel

Hanged Man Ring
Ring of "The Hanged Man". Recover from jumps quickly.DEF +2Dracula's Castle

Heart Earrings
Jaged heart earrings.Anna's Quests

Hermit Ring
Ring of "The Hermit".STR -2, CON -2, INT +3, MND +3Oblivion Ridge

Hierophant Ring
Ring of "The Hierophant". Increases acquired experience.DEF +2Misty Forest Road

Judgment Ring
Ring of "Judgement". Increases Glyph Union's effectiveness.Dracula's Castle

Justice Ring
Ring of "Justice". Enemies killed increase attack power.DEF +2Monastery

Lovers Ring
Ring of "The Lovers". Increases hearts acquired.DEF +2Tristis Pass

Lucky Clover
Earrings shaped like four-leaf clovers.LCK +3Jacob's Shop

Magician Ring
Ring of "The Magician".STR -2, INT +5Kalidus Channel

Master Ring
Increases the rate of attribute point acquisition.Complete all Villager Quests

Miser Ring
Your status increases depending on how much money you have.Dracula's Castle

Moon Ring
Ring of "The Moon". Status increases at nighttime.Dracula's Castle

Onyx Ring
Increases the power of the darkness attribute.Jacob's Shop

Priestess Ring
Ring of "The High Priestess".STR -2, CON +5, INT -2, MND +5Minera Prison Island

Protect Ring
An enchanted ring to increase one's defense.DEF +6Minera Prison Island

Resist Ring
An enchanted ring to increase one's magic defense.MND +6Kalidus Channel

Ruby Ring
Increases the power of the flame attribute.Jacob's Shop

Sapphire Ring
Increases the power of the ice attribute.Jacob's Shop

Star Ring
Ring of "The Star". Increases MP recovery rate.Dracula's Castle

Strength Ring
Ring of "Strength".STR +5, INT -2Minera Prison Island

Sun Ring
Ring of "The Sun". Status increases in daytime.Dracula's Castle

Temprerance Ring
Ring of "Temperance".DEF +1, STR +1, CON +1, INT +1, MND +1, LCK +1Giant's Dwelling

Tower Ring
Ring of "The Tower". Less likely to be blown away.STR -10, CON -10, INT -10, MND -10, LCK -10, Resist KnockbackLighthouse

Thief Ring
Increases the drop rate of rare items.LCK +7Dracula's Castle

Wind Ring
Increases the power of the slash attribute.Somnus Reef

World Ring
Ring of "The World". Decreases MP consumption.Dracula's Castle
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