Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Enemies

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Enemies


With broad wings, this eagle bears its charges into battle.2414Eagle FeatherTristis Pass, Oblivion Ridge

A female spider. Her bodily fluids are highly toxic.10477Silk ThreadTristis Pass

Armored Beast
A ferocious armored beast with steel claws on hand and foot.255133MeatTristis Pass, Oblivion Ridge

Automaton ZX26
An animated puppet made by a demon scientists. Model No. 26.6464Iron OreGiant's Dwelling

Automaton ZX27
A nearly-complete mobile robot. Model No. 27.256125Silver Ore, Arma MachinaMechanical Tower, Final Approach

Axe Knight
A heavily-armored warrior with an equally heavy axe.239Copper Ore, AsciaRuvas Forest, Minera Prison Island

A plant that scatters poisonous spores.4540NoneTristis Pass

An apparition whose chilling wait stops men cold.34NoneMonastery

A bloodsucking bat that lurks in the dark.11NoneMonastery, Ruvas Forest, Tymeo Mountains, Tristis Pass

Invisibility is this creature's cloak, and its weapon.3329NoneMisty Forest Road

Black Crow
An evil bird with an acquired taste for human flesh.1313NoneTymeo Mountains

Black Fomor
This monster's tongue dances with dark incantations.6649Milk, UmbraMisty Forest Road

Black Panther
A black, female panther.168152Arma FelixCastle Entrance, Library

Blade Master
Excels at duels with its dual-wielding technique.200190NoneBarracks, Forsaken Cloister, Final Approach

Blood Skeleton
The blood they absorb regenerates all wounds.990NoneCastle Entrance, Library

Bone Archer
An archer who attacks with bone and arrows.185ArcusMinera Prison Island

Bone Pillar
Created from bleached dinosaur bones, fossilized in the clay.20022NoneTymeo Mountains, Skeleton Cave, Training Hall

Bone Scimitar
A skeleton warrior. Strangely, it fights with genuine courage.175SecareMonastery, Ruvas Forest

A single-eyes fiend cloaked in lightning.156134NoneBarracks, Mechanical Tower, Arms Depot, Forsaken Cloister, Final Approach

Cave Troll
This beast extracts cow entrails with its tongue.310199NoneLarge Cavern, Tymeo Mountains, Forsaken Cloister, Final Approach

Chosen Une
A victim of the parasitic une that leaves une in his steps.190113NoneAgrila Swamp

A mad scientist created this wonder of artifical biology.26090NoneMinera Prison Island

Curse Diva
Curses the living with its deadly song.4456Choco SouffleGiant's Dwelling

Dark Octopus
An octopus reature, tormented by black magic.4018Black InkKalidus Channel

A five-legged demon servant.9663NoneSomnus Reef

A fell beast of the underworld.4422NoneMinera Prison Island

Demon Lord
A superior demon, more terrifying than its most dangerous kin.1333999GlobusLarge Cavern

Manipulates ice and flame while moving sluggishly.444333NoneLibrary, Barracks, Final Approach

Double Hammer
The only thing more dangerous than a giant hammer is two.20001600Gold OreLarge Cavern, Training Hall

This female vampire feasts on the blood of intruders.266170Crepes Suzette, StephanieLibrary

This knight doesn't need a head to hand his enemies theirs.8854Vol ConfodereSkeleton Cave, Tymeo Mountains

A substance that oozes from lingering corpses.3355Uncurse PotionGiant's Dwelling, Tristis Pass

A snake-like water dweller.11057NoneSomnus Reef

A lonely artifical monster, its only company a white dragon.450250NoneMisty Forest Road

Evil Force
An evil will, given embodiment through dark karmic forces.244113NoneMystery Manor, Minera Prison Island

Final Knight
This elite warrior ses intruders as its quarry.666573Knight Leggings, Knight CuirassFinal Approach

Fire Demon
This demon is master of the consuming flames.11166Crimson Greaves, Crimson Mail, IgnisTymeo Mountains

A violent fish, with a spirit as fossilized as its body.507SaltSomnus Reef

Flea Man
This sinister little man leaps like a bloodsucking flea.3018Rice BallOblivion Ridge, Mystery Manor, Castle Entrance

A demonic sea creature from the oceans of the underworld.4319SaltKalidus Channel

A demon turned to stone. Attacks in groups.130111NoneCastle Entrance

The breath of this living statue petrifies human flesh.355210NoneUnderground Labyrinth

A rare, water-dwelling creature.144NoneKalidus Channel

The reanimated ghost of a horse killed on the battlefield.53NoneMonastery

A spirit with a steady diet of dead, rotting flesh.666Spoiled MilkCastle Entrance, Library

Gorgon Head
Created from the head of Medusa. Turns its victims into stone.11Mirror Cuirass, Fidelis MedusaMechanical Tower

Grave Digger
Enjoys his cursed vocation because he meets new people.15065Earl GreyMisty Forest Road

Great Knight
One of Castlevania's many elite armored guardians.600450Knight Helm, Melio AsciaLibrary, Arms Depot

Gurkha Master
An armored warrior with a knife of the same name.240200Iron LeggingsUnderground Labyrinth, Barracks, Mechanical Tower, Arms Depot

Hammer Shaker
A superhuman warrior that swings his hammer effortlessly.450260Silver Ore, Melio MacirUnderground Labyrinth, Barracks, Mechanical Tower, Arms Depot

A tiny demon who loves mischief.6644NoneBarracks, Mechanical Tower, Final Approach

Invisible Man
A magician who gave up his soul to gain invisibility.7015NoneMinera Prison Island, Monastery

Jersey Devil
A flying monster with a horse's head and a bat's body.143100NoneArgila Swamp

Jiang Shi
This blood-sucking creature crossed the sea from the East.65002525Fidelis MortusLarge Cavern

Killer Fish
A ferocious fish. Fetches a high prices among epicures.3817Raw Killer FishKalidus Channel

King Skeleton
A skeleton armed with a huge battle axe.700460Barbarian Shoes, Barbarian BeltArms Depot

A swift half-woman, half-monster. Toys with her prey.9863Monsieur, Heart RepairGiant's Dwelling

Tempts her victims by exploiting their most secret fantasies.366188PuddingFinal Approach

A shield makes its defences nearly impenetrable.180119Copper Plate, Vol ScutumTristis Pass, Oblivion Ridge, Final Approach

Lizardman Blade
This lizard is reptilian enough to wield a huge sword.375238NoneMisty Forest Road, Barracks, Mechanical Tower, Final Approach

A nymph whose voice and beauty lures victims to a watery grave.8859Merman MeatSomnus Reef

Mad Butcher
A madman with a mechanized saw. Enjoys butchery and sculpting.210113NoneMystery Manor, Library

Mad Snatcher
Parasite that clings to, then continaully drains its victims.444200NoneArms Depot

Those who hear its scream know madness.10058Mandrake RootArgila Swamp

Medusa Head
Medusa's severed head spawned multitudes of these pests.11NoneMechanical Tower, Forsaken Cloister

An aquatic humanoid, known for its violent, territorial ways.8056ZirconKalidus Channel, Somnus Reef

Poses as treasure to prey on mankind's greed.293165Drop:NoneTristis Pass

Miss Murder
A stealthy and bloodthirsty killer.6666Vol FalcisGiant's Dwelling

Uses black magic to animate and control corpses.227Fidelis CariesRuvas Forest

A hard-shelled sea urchin. A questionable delicacy.102NoneKalidus Channel, Somnus Reef

Those who witness its coming soon know death.4427Horse HairTymeo Mountains

A evil, soul'sucking spirit that paralyzes its victims.167NoneRuvas Forest

Nova Skeleton
Holes were drilled in his head to implant psionic powers.248138NitescoTraining Hall, Underground Labyrinth, Barracks, Forsaken Cloister

The magic that empowers this owl also spurs it to violence.6952Fidelis NoctuaTristis Pass

Owl Knight
A knight who sends a trained owl to attack his enemies.220125Silver OreArgila Swamp

Peeping Eye
One of the castle's watchmen.9266Eye for DecayCastle Entrance, Library

Feasts on the precious memories of its victims.155124Fidelis PolkirUnderground Labyrinth

Assembled from the corpses of many renowned warriors.666400NoneMechanical Tower, Arms Depot

Red Smasher
An armored warrior outfitted with twin daggers.250200Iron Plate, Vol CulterMechanical Tower, Arms Depot, Underground Labyrinth, Barracks

Rock Knight
A soldier armed with stones and a throwing arm.10045Iron OreTymeo Mountains

Saint Elmo
An evil spirit whose power causes shipwrecks.136NoneSomnus Reef

Quite a threat, if he only had a brain.5626NoneTymeo Mountains

Sea Demon
An evil demon of the sea, skilled in ice magic.8833GrandoSomnus Reef, Kalidus Channel

Sea Stinger
A carnivorous and disturbingly agile fish creature.61NoneKalidus Channel

A skeletal corpse controlled by magic. One of many.123NoneEcclesia, Monastery, Ruvas Forest, Giant's Dwelling

Skeleton Beast
A skeletal brute armed with a huge club.400190Barbarian HelmSkeleton Cave, Giant's Dwelling, Oblivion Ridge

Skeleton Frisky
Leaps boundlessly in a dark dance of the doomed.6228NoneSkeleton Cave, Giant's Dwelling

Skeleton Hero
A skeletal savior, foretold since ancient days.8050NoneSkeleton Cave, Tymeo Mountains

Skeleton Rex
A fossilized thunder lizard, given life by an evil will.184105NoneSkeleton Cave

Skull Spider
A monsterous spider with a skull-shaped body.3220Anti-Venom, Fidelis AraneaKalidus Channel, Tymeo Mountains

Spear Guard
An armored warrior wielding a long lance.249Copper Ore, HastaMinera Prison Island

An eternally wandering spirit, consumed by hatred.3431NoneKalidus Channel, Misty Forest Road

Spectral Sword
This blade is as sharp and deadly as the spirit that possesses it.260240Melio SecareArms Depot, Final Approach

Stone Rose
Once an insectivore, this plant's tastes have broadened.260150NoneOblivion Ridge, Argila Swamp

Thunder Demon
This demon manifests its fury in thunderous peals.144133FulgurTristis Pass

Tin Man
A robot with no soul, and thus no fear.256180Silver Ore, Gold OreLarge Cavern, Library, Barracks, Minera Prison Island

This plant's diet of blood results in odd mutations.11NoneArgila Swamp, Ruvas Forest

Weapon Master
Uses any manner of weapon as easily as a part of its own body.30002000Gold OreLarge Cavern

A female, half-human bat. How about that?9950Arma ChiropteraMisty Forest Road

Men cursed with lycanthropy develop a taste for blood.184120NoneOblivion Ridge

White Dragon
Dinosaur fossils imbued with an evil spirit.200150NoneMisty Forest Road, Skeleton Cave, Tristis Pass

White Fomor
Mocks God with sacrilegious chanting.14499Vol Luminatio, Cashmere ThreadMystery Manor, Library

Winged Guard
A skeleton given wings and made to fly.101NoneMinera Prison Island, Tymeo Mountains, Forsaken Cloister

Winged Skeleton
An image of death given wings to soar through the night sky.301Fidelis AlateFinal Approach

A mysterious, cowardly legend said to live in snowy mountains.166150NoneTymeo Mountains

A lively animated corpse, magically brought to life.91Rotten MeatMonastery, Ruvas Forest, Giant's Dwelling
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