Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Food

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Food


Looks harmless, but appearances can be deadly poisonous.HP -200Tristis Pass

Black Drops
Increases your darkness attribute points.Darkness +1000Anna's Quests, Skeleton Cave, Giant's Dwelling

Blue Drops
Increases your ice attribute points.Ice +1000Serge's Quests, Tymeo Mountains, Dracula's Castle

Sweetly scented herbs with medicinal properties.Kalidus Channel, Minera Prison Island, Tymeo Mountains, Somnus Reef, Oblivion Ridge

Choco Souffle
Cut it open to find delicious, warm chocolate sauce!.HP +200Curse Diva

This bitter blend uses authentic Transylvanian beans.Hearts +6Wygol Village

Corn Soup
The croutons are prepared with an old family recipe.HP +30Aeon's Quests, Jacob's Shop

Cream Puff
A light pastry prepared with fresh custar.HP +30Dracula's Castle

Crepes Suzette
Let's hope this is just named after somebody.HP +220Draculina

Croque Monsieur
A broiled ham and cheese sandwich.HP +210Ladycat

Indian curry prepared at a specialty shop.HP +400Jacob's Shop

Darjeeling Tear
Often referred to as the champagne of black teas.Hearts +5Monastery, Ruvas Forest

Earl Grey
Black tea scented with bergamot.Hearts +5Grave Digger

Ham it up with this salted pork shank.HP +350Dracula's Castle

Green Drops
Increases your lightning attribute points.Lightning +1000Serge's Quests, Dracula's Castle

Killer Fish BBQ
Killer Fish, lightly seasoned and grilled to perfection.HP +450Aeon's Quests, Jacob's Shop

Restores 29 HP. Yummy!MP +29Monastery, Wygol Villager, Ruvas Forest, Jacob's ShopMerman, Armored Beast

Merman Meat
Flesh removed from an aquatic man-creature.Lorelai

Low-fat milk. Two percent, to be exact.Hearts +4Wygol VillageBlack Fomor

Hearty vegetable bean soup in a tomato broth.HP +130Jacob's Shop

Mint Sundae
Ice cream and soda, combined in a delicate dance of delicious.Hearts +10 Dracula's Castle

Mocha Eclair
A pastry with a hint of coffee flavoring.HP +50Irina's Quests

This delicate mushroom is meant to stimulate the appetite.HP +38Tymeo Mountains

A jiggly custard pudding. Look at it go!HP +35Lilith

Ramen Noodles
Pork ramen, medium oil, heavy seasoning.HP +200Jacob's Shop

Raw Killer Fish
This looks delicious! ...Where did you get it?HP +80Killer Fish

Red Drops
Increases your flame attribute points.Fire +1000Serge's Quests, Monastery, Dracula's Castle

Rice Ball
A salmon-flavored rice ball.HP +26Flea Man

Rotten Meat
Your ticket to a brand new echelon of stomach problems.HP -200Zombie

Simple rock salt.HP +1Needles, Fishhead, Forneus

A thin Viennese cutlet.HP +230Mystery Manor

Spoiled Milk
It's milk you can chew!HP -400Ghoul

Tart Tatin
In apple tarts, upside-down is rightside-up!HP +120Irina's Quests

Tasty Meat
Restores 290 HP. Delicious!HP +290Somnus Reef, Dracula's Castle

Thick Steak
A high-quality cut of choice meat.HP +1000Aeon's Quests, Jacob's Shop

White Drops
Increases your light attribute points.Light +1000Misty Forest Road, Dracula's Castle
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