Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Shields

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Shields


Alucard Shield
Strong vs. all attacksDEF +5Reverse Caverns

Alucart Shield
Resembles family shieldDEF +1Marble Gallery

Axe Lord Shield
Favorite shield of Axe LordsDEF +3Axe Knight

Dark Shield
Unholy dark shieldDEF +3, ATK +10Malachi

Fire Shield
Shield with fire propertiesDEF +4Fire Demon

Goddess Shield
Engraved with goddess imageDEF +4Necromancy Laboratory

Herald Shield
Shield with heart crestDEF +4Underground Cavern

Iron Shield
Hard iron shieldDEF +2Librarian ($3980)Winged Guard

Knight Shield
Armored Knight's shieldDEF +2ColosseumSpectral Sword, Slinger

Leather Shield
Leather shield - low DEFDEF +1Alchemy Lab, Librarian ($400)Slinger, Stone Rose

Medusa Shield
Gorgon headed shieldDEF +1, ATK +13Medusa Head

Shaman Shield
Shield used in magic ritualDEF +4Clock Tower

Skull Shield
Shield with Knight's crestDEF +4Bone Ark, Yorick, Skull Lord
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