Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Head Gear

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Head Gear

Head GearDescriptionStatsFoundDrop

Ballroom Mask
Mask used at a ballDEF +2CatacombsBone Pillar

Protects sensitive head partsDEF +2, INT +1Underground Caverns

Beryl Circlet
Heals HP by lightning damageINT +10Reverse Entrance

Cat-Eye Circlet
Big HP restore by cat damageINT +8Catacombs

CircletINT +5Librarian ($4000)Marionette

Coral Circlet
Immune to cursesINT +7Venus Weed

Dragon Helm
Frightens enemy, lowers DEFDEF +3, ATK +4, STR +4Reverse Clock Tower

Felt Hat
Felt hatDEF +1, INT +1Phantom Skull

Comfortable eye protectionDEF +1, INT +4Royal Chapel

Gold Circlet
Restores HP by holy damageINT +6Salem Witch

Holy Glasses
Sees beyond magical cursesDEF +1, INT +5Marble Gallery (Maria)

Leather Hat
Tanned leather hatDEF +2Librarian ($1000)

Opal Circlet
Restores HP by ice damageINT +10Frozen Half

Ruby Circlet
Restores HP by fire damageINT +10Floating Catacombs

Silver Crown
Increases intelligenceINT +12Librarian ($12000)

Steel Helm
Standard adventurer's helmDEF +3, INT +1Clock Tower

Stone Mask
Ancient ceremonial stone maskDEF +2, INT +4Long LibraryGhost Dancer

Cool looking sunglassesDEF +1, INT +1Alchemy Lab

Topaz Circlet
Restores HP by poison damageINT +10Long Library

Velvet Hat
Velvet hatDEF +1, INT +2Librarian ($400)

Wizard Hat
Wide-brimmed for protectionDEF +5, ATK +1, STR +1, CON +1, INT +7Salome
Head GearDescriptionStatsFoundDrop
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