Castlevania: The Adventure Cheat Codes

Game Genie Codes
Start with 5 lives: 048-5EF-E62

Start with 7 lives: 068-5EF-E62

Unlimited lives: 006-94F-3B7

Start with 2 energy bars: 025-5CF-C42

Start with 4 energy bars: 045-5CF-C42

Start with 6 energy bars: 065-5CF-C42

Unlimited energy: 00A-F28-3B7

Start with timer at 2:15 (Level 1 only): 029-B3F-A26

Start with timer at 4:15 (Level 1 only): 049-B3F-A26

Start with timer at 7:15 (Level 1 only): 079-B3F-A26

Unlimited time: 004-07F-3B7 (Disable this code at the end of each level to continue game play)
Updated: July 2, 2022 — 7:14 pm