Castlevania Judgment

In this world, a battle has been raging between vampire hunters and their prey for ages.

Thirteen people from around the world have been called into an alternate dimension through a gap in time.

A mysterious man called Aeon appears before the thirteen and tells them “If you pass the trial, you can have your wish…”

The trial is a battle between those assembled.

But what will they gain if they pass the trial? And how do they escape from the time gap? An epic, era-spanning battle of destiny is about to begin!

Released on November 18th, 2008 for the Nintendo Wii, Castlevania Judgment is the first game of the franchise that does not follow the traditional vampire hunting action that made Castlevania so popular. Instead, Judgment is a fighting game which consists of 13 characters from various Castlevania titles throughout the years, and a 14th character named Aeon, a new face to the Castlevania scene. The story of Castlevania Judgment is that of the mighty Galamoth’s plot to send the Time Reaper from 10,000 years in the future into the past to destroy his rival Dracula, and change history. Aeon discovers this and pulls together champions from different eras of history into a time rift, in order to find a chosen one capable of destroying the Time Reaper. Like most traditional fighting games, each character has their own obstacles and opponents to overcome based on their own strengths and backstories. Not all 14 characters are available immediately. Many of them are unlocked later, and the true champion must go up against the Time Reaper to put an end to Galamoth’s plot to destroy Count Dracula. Judgment contains some of the most popular characters from the Castlevania franchise like Simon Belmont, Alucard, Sypha Belnades, Death, Dracula, Carmilla, Trevor Belmont, Maria Renard and more.

Castlevania Judgment is what it is, that being a fighting game. The game was met with mixed reviews as many fans were shocked that it would be a fighting game when news of it’s production was first released. Some of the characters on Judgment are unlocked by playing Order of Ecclesia for the Nintendo DS. This interaction with the DS helped spark more interest in Castlevania Judgment. If you are a fan of both Castlevania and fighting games, then Castlevania Judgment is a good choice for you. The game has a storyline that should interest many Castlevania fans, and the intense and challenging battles you must face to reach the Time Reaper are more than enough to keep a fan of the fighting game genre coming back for more.
Updated: July 2, 2022 — 6:33 pm