Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Relics

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Relics

Alucard can transform into a Bat, Wolf, or Mist Cloud with some of these Relics

Soul of Bat
Transform into a BatLong Library

Fire of Bat
Shoot Fireballs as BatClock Tower

Echo of Bat
Use radar as BatOlrox's Quarters

Force of Echo
Attack with radar wavesReverse Caverns

Soul of Wolf
Transform into a WolfLong Library

Power of Wolf
Run swiftly as WolfEntrance

Skill of Wolf
Special move as WolfAlchemy Laboratory

Form of Mist
Transform into MistColosseum

Power of Mist
Extends Mist transform timeCastle Keep

Gas Cloud
Transform into poisonous cloudFloating Catacombs

Cube of Zoe
Causes items to materializeEntrance

Spirit Orb
Shows enemy damageMarble Gallery

Gravity Boots
Wearer can jump highMarble Gallery

Leap Stone
Wearer can do double jumpCastle Keep

Holy Symbol
Protection while underwaterUnderground Caverns

Fairie Scroll
Displays enemy's nameLong Library

Jewel of Open
Can open locked blue doorsLibrarian ($500)

Merman Statue
Summons the oarsmanUnderground Caverns

Bat Card
Summons andquot;Batandquot; familiarAlchemy Laboratory

Ghost Card
Summons andquot;Ghostandquot; familiarCastle Keep

Faerie Card
Summons andquot;Faerieandquot; familiarLong Library

Demon Card
Summons andquot;Demonandquot; familiarAbandoned Mine

Sword Card
Summons andquot;Swordandquot; familiarOlrox's Quarters

Heart of Vlad
Avoid CurseAnti-Chapel

Tooth of Vlad
STR +10Reverse Outer Wall

Rib of Vlad
CON +10Death Wing's Lair

Ring of Vlad
INT +10Reverse Clock Tower

Eye of Vlad
LCK +10Cave
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