Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Armor

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Armor


Armor of Fire
Stronger against fire attributed attacks.DEF +34Castle Corridor, Hammer's Shop

Armor of Water
Stronger against water attributed attacks.DEF +33Underground Reservoir, Hammer's Shop

Army Jacket
Jacket woven from a special fiber that is difficult to cut.DEF +23Hammer's ShopZombie Officer

Blocking Mail
Parries attacks on occasion.DEF +35 Dead Crusader

Casual Clothes
Normal, casual clothing.DEF +5Start game with it

Cloth Tunic
Tunic sewn from cloth.DEF +7 Zombie, Fleaman

Copper Plate
Breastplate of hammered copper.DEF +18Castle Corridor, Hammer's ShopRock Armor

Death's Robe
Robe once worn by Death himself.DEF +44, ATK +3, STR +4, CON +4, INT +13, LCK +13Clock Tower

Demon's Mail
Stronger against darkness-attributed attacks.DEF +49, ATK +9, STR +9Demon Lord

Dracula's Tunic
Tunic possessing the powers of Dracula .DEF +41, ATK +6, STR +6, CON +6, INT +6, LCK +6Top Floor

Elfin Robe
Clothing wooven by an elf.DEF +26, INT +10Underground Reservoir

Fine suit of armor guaranteed to last forever.DEF +45Underground Reservoir

Gold Plate
Breastplate of pure gold.DEF +38Hammer's ShopFinal Guard

Gym Clothes
Clothing worn when practicing a sport or martial arts.DEF +12, CON +2Durga

Iron Plate
Breastplate of iron.DEF +25Hammer's ShopValkyrie, Disc Armor, Great Armor

Leather Plate
Breastplate made of leather.DEF +10Axe Armor

Ninja Suit
Loose-fitting garb of ninjas.DEF +13, ATK +2, STR +2, CON +2Inner Quarters

Olrox's Suit
Armored suit once worn by Olrox.DEF +37, ATK +2, STR +2, CON +2, INT +2The Arena

Pitch Black Suit
Black suit as black as the night sky.DEF +32, INT +3Clock Tower

Samurai Armor
Red body armor used by samurai warriors.DEF +20, ATK +3Dance HallDead Warrior

Silk Robe
Tunic sewn from silk.DEF +9, INT +5The Chapel

Silver Plate
Breastplate of pure silver.DEF +35Hammer's Shop

Soldier Uniform
Uniform worn by a soldier who fought in the Demon Castle War.DEF +20, ATK +2, STR +2Hammer's Shop

Steel Plate
Breastplate forged from steel.DEF +31Hammer's ShopBomber Armor

War Fatigues
Sturdy clothing made especially for the battlefield.DEF +15, ATK +3, STR +3Hammer's Shop
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