Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Accessories

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Accessories


Ancient Belt
A belt that lends its wearer a positive attitude.ATK +1, DEF +7, STR +1, CON +5, LCK +1Quezlcoat, Kicker Skeleton

Black Belt
Proof of excellence in martial arts.ATK +5, DEF +3, STR +5, CON +2Werewolf

Black Cloak
Pitch black cloak reminiscent of the night sky.DEF +5, INT +2The Arena

Unexceptional cloth cloak.DEF +1Castle Corridor

Chaos Ring
Contains the powers of chaos.ATK +1, DEF +2, STR +1, CON +1, INT +1, LCK +1Chaotic Realm

Crimson Cloak
Blood-red cloak.DEF +3, INT +1Hammer's ShopRipper

Flame Necklace
Necklace adorned with a fire symbol.DEF +2, INT +1Curly

Gold Ring
Makes enemies leave behind more money when you wear this ring.DEF +1Underground Cemetery

Heart Pendant
Heart-shaped pendant.DEF +1, LCK +1The StudySuccubus

Lucky Charm
Lucky charm sold in Hakuba Shrine.LCK +3Castle Corridor

Ordinary pendant.LCK +1Underground ReservoirLilith

Rare Ring
Increases the appearance rate of rare items.LCK +5The Arena

Red Scarf
A bright red scarf.ATK +1, DEF +2, STR +1, CON +1Kicker Skeleton

Rune Ring
Increases the rate at which MP is restored.DEF +2Underground Reservoir

Satan's Ring
Satan himself once wore this ring.ATK +2, DEF +7, STR +2, CON +2, INT +2Top Floor

Warm and cozy.DEF +2Castle CorridorPersephone

Sherman Ring
Increases experience points when you walk wearing this ring.DEF +1Dance Hall

Skull Necklace
Eerie-looking necklace.DEF +3, LCK -1Curly, Devil

Soul Eater Ring
Increases the appearance rare of spirits.LCK +5Hammer's Shop

Tear of Blood
Precious stone as red as blood.ATK +1, DEF +9, STR +1, CON +1, INT +1Top Floor
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