Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Enemies

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Enemies


His vengeful spirit possesses a floating sword.12001500Chaotic Realm

An atrocious eagle that carries Ripper with it.3010Floating Garden

Alura Une
An Une raised on warm blood.800400MelonUnderground Reservoir, Underground Cemetery, Forbidden Area

This beast appears to be part woman, part spider.10032PotionStudy, Dance Hall

Arc Demon
Uses the powers of darkness to wreak havoc upon the world.500400High Mind UpInner Quarters, Underground Reservoir, Arena

Axe Armor
An armored soldier that wields an axe.6010Leather PlateCastle Corridor, Chapel

A demon that grants cunningness.300380Arena, Top Floor

The offspring of a lizard and a bird. Its gaze can turn you to stone.700600Milican's SwordTop Floor, Chaotic Realm

A bloodsucking bat that lurks in the castle.101Castle Corridor, Chapel, Underground Reservoir

Beam Skeleton
Skeleton wizard whose powers come from the hole drilled into his head.400320Arena, Chaotic Realm

Big Golem
A man-like figure molded out of soil and animated by magic.12001000Milican's SwordUnderground Reservoir (also Dance Hall boss)

Spirit creature whose glow illuminates dark graveyards.380280Underground Cemetery

Blue Crow
A blue crow that nibbles upon rotting corpses.252Castle Corridor

Bomber Armor
An armored soldier that throw bombs.200200Steel PlateClock Tower

Bone Pillar
The skeletal remains of a dinosaur neck animated by magic.759Mind UpChapel, Study, Dance Hall, Floating Garden

A lion with five legs.206Castle Corridor, Study

Picky, underworld fiend.180220Uncurse Potion, OnikiriUnderground Reservoir, Underground Cemetery, Forbidden Area

This ox-like beast's breath turns living things to stone.20040MilkCastle Corridor, Study, Dance Hall

Rabbit that uses a clock to stop time. Strict in regards to tardiness.8030PuddingInner Quarters

One glare from this bird-like beast will turn you to stone.380120PotionFloating Garden

A demon that uses all four of its arms to smash things.9067Skull Necklace, Flame NecklaceInner Quarters

Dead Crusader
Skeleton swordsman with strong defense.180380Estoc, Block MailUnderground Reservoir, Arena, Chaotic Realm

Demon Lord
This dark king rules over most of the demon population.18003000Mana Prism, Demon's MailChaotic Realm

Dead Warrior
The horse-riding ghost of a dead samurai warrior.110100Samurai ArmorFloating Garden

A creature spawned from the deepest abyss of hell.300200Skull Necklace, High Mind UpFloating Garden, Clock Tower

Creaking Skull
A giant corpse whose body has collapsed under its own weight.240110Dance Hall (also Castle Corridor boss)

Disc Armor
An armored soldier possessing spinning razor-sharp discs.240150Iron PlateInner Quarters, Floating Garden, Clock Tower, Underground Reservoir

An evil tree spirit.350200Mystletain, PersimmonUnderground Reservoir, Forbidden Area

A monster that feasts on the flesh of its victims.3415Gym Clothes, CoffeeChapel, Study, Dance Hall, Inner Quarters

Cotton-like substance that oozes from the corpses of men w/ regrets.3015Uncurse PotionStudy

The goddess of revenge.200500Ronginus' SpearArena, Top Floor, Chaotic Realm

Evil Butcher
Loves to slice things with his well-used butcher knives.11230Baselard, Spoiled MilkStudy, Dance Hall

Final Guard
Specially chosen to defend important areas of the castle.12002000Gold Plate, Final SwordTop Floor, Chaotic Realm

Fish Head
Dead fish reanimated to protect the sea.280100Underground Reservoir, Forbidden Area, Chaotic Realm

Flame Demon
A fiend born from the hell fires.500400LaevatainUnderground Cemetery, Forbidden Area

Creature that hops around like a flea.1015Cloth TunicChapel, Study, Dance Hall

Flesh Golem
A man-like figure built from the body parts of corpses. Animated by magic.2000400Rotten Meat, Spoiled MilkUnderground Reservoir

A grotesque monster with the wings of a bat.70240Chapel, Underground Reservoir, Arena, Forbidden Area, Top Floor

A small spirit doomed to wander the castle grounds for all eternity.101Castle Corridor, Chapel

Ghost Dancer
The elegantly dancing ghost of an aristocrat.2522TeaChapel, Dance Hall

Giant Ghost
Transformed into a giant ghost by exposure to the castle's magic.7522Chapel, Study

Giant Skeleton
A huge skeleton with no lower body that crawls along the ground.20001200DurandalArena, Chaotic Realm

Giant Worm
Transformed into a giant insect by exposure to the castle's magic.10080Cream PuffUnderground Reservoir

Though he's dead, this horseback warrior still seeks out battles.6001000Arena, Chaotic Realm

A man-like figure molded out of soil and animated by magic.200180High PotionFloating Garden, Clock Tower

An ox-like creature with hardened skin of iron.32095Meat Strip, MilkFloating Garden, Underground Reservoir

Great Armor
A heavily-armed soldier built out of the corpses of great warriors.650300Iron Plate, Great SwordClock Tower (also Study boss)

A creature who loves to fiddle with machinery.7090Clock Tower

A bird monster with the upper body of a woman.150100Clock Tower, Forbidden Area

A tiny demon who loves mischief.5260Mind UpInner Quarters, Floating Garden, Underground Reservoir

Iron Golem
A man-like figure made of iron and animated by magic. Extremely tough.9999500Top Floor, Chaotic Realm

Kicker Skeleton
Flying kicks are this skeleton's specialty.20080Red Scarf, Ancient BeltFloating Garden

Killer Doll
A figurine possessed by the spirit of a mass murderer.11040Castle Corridor, Dance Hall, Inner Quarters

Killer Fish
A large, man-eating fish. Rumored to be quite tasty.2510Tasty MeatCastle Corridor, Underground Reservoir, Forbidden Area

Killer Mantle
An evil cloak that assaults humans.200345RamenArena

Kyoma Demon
This demon leaps out from mirrors and attacks his prey.22060Inner Quarters

Lightning Doll
A doll possessed by the spirit of an electrocuted prisoner.170130Inner Quarters, Clock Tower

Sucks away your soul as you dream. Appears as a beautiful woman.22060PendantArena

An always angry minion of hell. Not enough calcium in his diet.500550MuramasaArena, Top Floor, Chaotic Realm

A monster with the body of a lion, the wings of a bat and a scorpion's tail.440250GladiusFloating Garden (also Chapel boss)

Insanity overcomes all who hear his cry.200100Floating Garden, Underground Reservoir

A worm that subsists on skulls.666444Rahab's SwordUnderground Reservoir

Medusa Head
A creature mass-produced from the head of Medusa.3010Clock Tower, Arena, Underground Reservoir, Chaotic Realm

Lives close to the shore and attacks anything that comes near it.202Castle Corridor, Underground Reservoir

Assumes the form of a treasure and quietly awaits his prey.100200Dance Hall, Forbidden Area, Chaotic Realm

This mixture of man and bull possesses superhuman powers.20060Battle Axe, Meat StripStudy, Dance Hall

The evil spirit of a man who drowned in a marsh.200400Forbidden Area

A giant, mutant sea urchin.110Tasty MeatClock Tower, Underground Reservoir

An angel who hunts and slaughters man-beasts.17075Dance Hall, Inner Quarters

A demon that takes up residence in one's dreams.260280LanceUnderground Reservoir

Peeping Eye
The castle's designated "watch dog".388Castle Corridor

A demon maid that served a noble master.15055Scarf, StrawberryInner Quarters

Poison Worm
A large insect that spits venom.100120Anti-venomUnderground Reservoir, Forbidden Area

A reincarnation of the ancient snake god.6041Ancient BeltChapel, Dance Hall

Red Crow
A vicious crow dyed red by the splattered blood of wounded men.7044Floating Garden

Red Minotaur
A red Minotaur that grew stronger during a recent trip to hell.9291000Battle Axe, Tasty MeatArena, Top Floor, Chaotic Realm

This fiend enjoys slaughtering people with a knife.8080Crimson CloakFloating Garden, Underground Cemetery

Rock Armor
An armored soldier that throws boulders.7224Hammer, Copper PlateCastle Corridor, Chapel, Study

Shadow Knight
This strong knight sold his soul to the Devil.30003000Super PotionChaotic Realm

A beast whose beautiful singing voice has the power to mesmerize.5020Castle Corridor, Clock Tower

A magically animated human skeleton.203Castle Corridor, Chapel, Underground Reservoir

Skeleton Knight
The magically animated skeleton of a dead swordsman.4812RapierCastle Corridor, Chapel, Dance Hall

Skull Archer
A skeleton archer.425Castle Corridor, Study

Skull Millione
Hell spawn with poisoned claws.250300Kunitsuna, Poison FistArena

Sky Fish
A creature that moves at high speed. Invisible to catch with the naked eye.1003000Underground Reservoir

A creature whose body is made up of a gelatinous substance.200200Underground Reservoir, Chaotic Realm

An aged, wise owl.15001500High PotionTop Floor, Chaotic Realm

Student Witch
A witch-in-training. Can sometimes land her broomstick without crashing.8028Mind Up, Cream SodaStudy, Inner Quarters

This enticing beauty is really a nightmare in disguise.550360Heart Pendant, PuddingArena, Top Floor, Chaotic Realm

Tiny Devil
This demon is quite terrifying, despite his small size.208Mind UpCastle Corridor, Chapel, Study, Underground Reservoir

Ruler of the water kingdom.400300Trident, Potato PancakeUnderground Reservoir, Chaotic Realm

A mythical snake proven to exist by Soma Cruz in 2035.30080Dance Hall

One of hell's cauldron demons with a blazing red hot body.80180Underground Reservoir

Plant-like monster that assaults its prey with thorn-covered leaves.1010Chapel, Underground Reservoir

A female warrior with a pretty face and a wicked heart.5580Partizan, Iron PlateInner Quarters, Clock Tower

Waiter Skeleton
A skeletal waiter that carries a bowl of delicious curry.12038Beef CurryDance Hall

Works on his straight punch so he can defeat Weretiger.380260Mach PunchUnderground Cemetery, Forbidden Area

Works on his uppercut so that he can defeat Werejaguar.400320Whip KnuckleArena

A wild man that transforms into a wolf.290100Black Belt, MilkFloating Garden

White Dragon
The magically animated remains of a dinosaur.9520Castle Corridor, Chapel, Dance Hall

Winged Skeleton
A skeleton that has been given wings of bone.203SpearChapel, Study, Dance Hall

She is so thrilled to have become a witch.18075Melon, GabolgInner Quarters

Wooden Golem
A man-like figure built of wood and animated by magic.250200GrapesDance Hall

A rotting corpse animated by magic.181Cloth Tunic, BaselardCastle Corridor

Zombie Officer
Animated corpses of a lieutenant who marched to his death 36 years ago.15040Combat Knife, Army JacketCastle Corridor, Chapel, Dance Hall

Zombie Soldier
Animated corpse of a soldier who marched to his death 36 years ago.469Rotten Meat, Combat KnifeCastle Corridor
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