Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Furniture

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Furniture

When all of the furniture is collected the room will look like this.
If you collect all of the furniture, Lydie will stand clinging to Juste's arm at the end of the game.

Ancient Urn
The most valuable objects are those whose value is difficult to guess.Entrance B

Antique Table
Crafted out of a 1000-year-old cedar tree.Clock Tower A

A very sturdy bookshelf. And it's earthquake-proof.Skeleton Cave A

A silver candlestick for elegant evenings with friends.The Wailing Way B

A gold candlestick for elegant evenings with friends.Castle Top Floor A

Castle Drawing
Seems out of place in this castle.Castle Top Floor A

A wooden chair of excellent workmanship.Castle Treasury B

Said to have been used by royalty. It has an interesting history.Castle Treasury A

Ease your worries about having too many clothes, too little space.Castle Treasury A

Gold Trinket
The inscription reads: "Candlelight makes your girlfriend like you more."Sky Walkway A

Hero Statue
A hero immortalized forever. Someday, that will be me...Chapel of Dissonance B

King-Size Bed
Manufactured by the only trusted and true name in beds, "FUTON."Sky Walkway B

Lucky Cat
A statue that helps bring in money. Effectiveness unknown.Clock Tower A

Old Radio
Radio prototype received directly from the great inventor himself.Sky Walkway B

A machine that emits sound. Analog is great, isn't it...Skeleton Cave A

Pretty Vase
A pretty vase brimming with artificial flowers.Entrance B

Raccoon Figure
A superb piece of art by an obviously skilled raccoon figurine craftsman.Clock Tower B

Rocking Chair
This relaxing chair offers up gentle creaks as it rocks.Sky Walkway B

Sage Statue
Statue of a smug-looking old man.Luminous Cavern B

Side Table
Side tables add a nice accent to any room.Skeleton Cave B

Silk Curtain
Made of the finest silk and milky to the touch.Room of Illusion B

Silver Dishes
This pure silver dinner set radiates elegance.Luminous Cavern B

Silver Trinket
The inscription reads: "Candlelight makes any cooking look edible."Sky Walkway A

Smiling Statue
Statue of a goddess. Goddesses are so beautiful, aren't they?The Wailing Way B

Strange Mirror
Take a peek at it and you feel as if someone were there...Luminous Cavern B

Stuffed Stag
Symbol of the rich. I feel as I'm being watched.Skeleton Cave B

Tall Clock
Bought the morning your granddad was born. Still keeps perfect time.Clock Tower B

With a sip of tea from this cup, you can join our clan.Castle Treasury A

Has the power to make teas taste better than they really are.Castle Treasury A

Wine Glass
A beautiful wine glass for elegant evenings with friends.Castle Top Floor B

Wizard's Urn
Staring at this urn tends to induce sneezing.Skeleton Cave B
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